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How to Add the Hiring Badge on LinkedIn

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If you are looking for ways to understand how to use the hiring badge on LinkedIn to your advantage, this article will clarify everything for you.

Hiring Feature on LinkedIn

What is it?

This hiring feature is a new functionality introduced by LinkedIn during COVID and the war in Ukraine. This allows you to notify your network when you have an open role that you are hiring for.

It allows you to add a photo frame to your profile picture with the #Hiring or #OpenToWork hashtags. This way, they are trying to increase awareness amongst people looking for a job or searching for candidates for their open positions.

Why should you use it?

The best advantage of this new functionality is that it increases awareness in your network.

Moreover, it is an excellent Employer Brand tool. Companies that hire are perceived as being safe places to work for. Moreover, it shows the people that the company is thriving and growing regardless of current circumstances. This might attract people searching for stability.

Also, it helps you see who is open for work and who isn’t. This can help you personalize your interaction and increase conversion rates. However, don’t let this stop you from reaching other candidates. People often look for opportunities, but they don’t feel like adding that badge because they don’t want their employer to know they are searching for another job.

This is great for job seekers as well. Since they can see you are hiring, it is easier for them to check on the available openings.

Pro tip: optimize your profile description and add Hiring in your tagline. Also, make sure you invest time into your own Personal Brand strategy. Help people get to know you and trust you so they can reach out whenever you have something available for them.

Who can use it?

This new functionality is ideal for recruiters that can add a photo frame with #HIRING. But it is also great for people looking for jobs since they can add a #OpenToWork frame.

If you are a recruiter, we highly recommend encouraging your colleagues to use the badge as well. Every employee involved in the recruitment process can use this badge to signal that they are looking for new colleagues.

One important aspect to keep in mind is that you need to have an active job posted in order to use the #Hiring badge on your profile picture.

You can also involve people from management and even the CEO since they have extensive networks that will lead to higher chances of reaching different types of people.

How to get the Hiring Badge on Linkedin

Getting the badge is not complicated at all. We will explain how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Click on the ME icon on your LinkedIn profile

Step 2: Click View profile

Step 3: Select your profile photo

Step 4: Click Frames

Step 5: Select the hiring frame

Step 6: Click Save

Next Steps

After you manage to get the frame and announce your network that you are hiring, you can also use the options available for posts and hashtags.


You can create job posts directly from your member profile or the LinkedIn share box.


You can share posts with different hashtags to increase visibility. Some examples are: #hiring #openjob #jobsopening #vacantrole

Using multiple hashtags will increase the chances that your post will get traction and reach other feeds. Think about using # related to your job opening and also general ones.

For example, you can use #react #reactnative #developer when you are searching for a React Native role.

Removing the Hiring Frame from LinkedIn

If you don’t want to use the hiring frame anymore, you can remove it by following the next steps:

Step 1: Click the ME icon

Step 2: Click View Profile

Step 3: Click the Edit button from the Share that you’re hiring box

Step 4: Click Delete from profile

LinkedIn Hiring Badge FAQ

Is the Hiring Badge the same thing as the Hiring Frame?

Yes, the hiring badge is the same as the hiring frame.

How do you show that you are Hiring on LinkedIn?

You can show that you are hiring by adding the hiring frame from your profile picture.

How do I add a badge to LinkedIn?

You can add a badge on LinkedIn by following the next steps:

  1. Click on the ME icon
  2. Click on View Profile
  3. Select your picture and frame
  4. Save


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