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A Guide to the LinkedIn Hiring Tools Used by Recruiters

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Top of the Page: This article is part of the LinkedIn Hiring Tools Guide. Read our related articles on Career Pages, LinkedIn Job Ads, and Company Pages.

LinkedIn is usually the recruiter’s playground. It is where you go wherever you are looking for new talent for your organization. 

In this article, we cover the Hiring Tools that you can use to boost the efficiency of your recruitment process. 

LinkedIn Tools for Recruiters 

What are the available tools? 

LinkedIn offers many paid or free tools that you can use for recruitment. Some of them are:

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

This is a premium subscription designed for larger companies looking for ways to hire and engage with the best talent available. 

2. LinkedIn Job Board

It’s a great place to go when you are looking to expand your search to passive candidates.

3. LinkedIn Career Page

The organized area where you can post more about your company’s culture and open jobs.

4. Jobs For You Ads

This is great if you want to push your job opening directly to suitable candidates.

5. Company Pages

Similar to career pages, you can use company pages to boost your employer brand.

6. Work With Us Ads

This feature allows you to add Work with us banners on your employees’ profile pages or company page.

7. Recruitment Ads

These are the ones that appear on your sidebar on the homepage. These ads are usually shown to high-converting candidates.

8. Job posting section

The place to add your available jobs for free.

9. #Hiring badge 

The badge appears on your profile picture when announcing the network you are hiring. Also, candidates looking for jobs can activate their #OpenToWork badge.

10. Groups

This is still one of the least used functionalities of LinkedIn, but it has great potential for increasing awareness.

11. Hashtags

#s are a great way to reach people outside your network and increase visibility for your open roles.

The benefits of using LinkedIn for recruitment

If you are new to the recruitment role, you might be wondering why you should use LinkedIn as a channel for your recruitment process. There are a couple of advantages that LinkedIn offers and that you should take into consideration:

  1. It is one of the largest platforms for professionals 
  2. It helps organize the professional information in the same place 
  3. It creates great networking opportunities that lead to a quicker time to hire 
  4. Its algorithm allows keyword research which is one of the most used ways of recruitment 
  5. It reduces the hiring time and increases efficiency through all the tools available 
  6. It’s a great place to build brand awareness
  7. It helps build authority and position yourself as an HR professional 

Building Brand Awareness

We mentioned that LinkedIn is great for building brand awareness. Let’s see 3 tools that you can use to do it. 

Company page 

Before doing anything else on LinkedIn, you should create the Company Page. 

Company pages are used for posting updates, behind-the-scenes information, services, open roles, and culture snapshots. This is an excellent tool mostly because you can transparently communicate more about your company, and people can decide to follow it and be up to date with your announcements. 

Everyone following your page will get a notification whenever you post something. 

Career Page

Career pages are your playground. This is where you can share more about your internal culture, events, day in life type of events, and everything job-related. Career pages are usually used to increase the employer’s brand and to attract candidates. 

These pages usually go hand in hand with company pages and are an excellent tool for attracting candidates. We will detail more about what options you have in the second part of the article. 

Sponsored Update

To increase your company’s visibility, you can post a free or paid update. The free update will reach people in your network that already follow your page. Paying for the update can help you reach targeted audiences across all devices and drive qualitative leads to your company page. 

Finding Candidates 

The primary reason recruiters use LinkedIn is to find suitable candidates. Let’s see what 3 of the main tools you can use to do just that are.  

Paid Career Page

We mentioned the Career Page and its impact on brand building. To increase the chances of finding new candidates, LinkedIn introduced the paid Career Page. You can use a Silver or Gold subscription that will give you the following options:

  • Put the jobs openings on the same page as general info about your company
  • Display customized content for each visitor based on their LinkedIn profile data 
  • Set up ads that redirect people to your career page
  • Prevent ads from other companies from appearing on your company page (this is for Gold subscription only)

Jobs board

One of the easiest and most effective tools for finding candidates is posting on LinkedIn’s job board. Using it will allow passive candidates that are using the You might be interested in widget to see your available roles. 

Moreover, you can track the performance, check the demographics and see what types of candidates are attracted by your job posts. 

Tool #3 Use the #OpenToWork

Due to COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, LinkedIn launched the option to add a #Hiring or #OpenToWork badge to your profile picture. This way, it is easier to identify the active candidates and reach out to them.  

You can search for the # and see on each page if they have the option active. 

Attracting leads 

LinkedIn is also used for attracting leads. Some of the tools that you can use to help you with that are:

LinkedIn Recruiter 

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that LinkedIn Recruiter is their main premium subscription and, by using it, you will:

  • Have unlimited access to full candidates’ profiles 

Iif you use the free option, the number of search results is limited, and you can’t see the full profile. With the paid option, you get more than 1000 profiles that you can look into

  • Get multiple filter options

Filters are a great way to source the right candidates. With this paid option, you can search after company, industry, education, years of experience, years in a specific position, etc.

  • Reach directly to candidates by InMail

This is a fantastic way to reach your candidates directly in their inbox 

  • Set up to 50 alerts

This helps you get notified whenever a suitable candidate is found 

Work with us ads

Another way to attract leads is to use the Work With Us ads. LinkedIn Work With Us ads lets you automatically place ads on your employees and company page. This way, you avoid having your competitors’ ads on your employee profile.

Jobs for you (web ads)

The jobs for you ads option automatically push your ads to the most qualified candidates whenever they go online. This is a great way to reach passive candidates who might not be looking for a job but would be interested in case something suitable for them lands on their way. 

Let us know below which LinkedIn you already use in your recruitment process. 

LinkedIn Hiring Tools FAQ 

Is LinkedIn a good recruiting tool? 

Yes, LinkedIn is the largest professional platform that gives you access to over 900 million members across the globe. 

Do you have to pay for LinkedIn talent solutions? 

LinkedIn offers some free options and paid solutions for recruitment. 

Is it worth it to promote a job on LinkedIn? 

According to LinkedIn, promoted jobs get three times more qualified candidates than free job posts.


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