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How to Encourage Coworkers to Share Hiring Posts

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One of your greatest resources as a recruiter is your pool of employees. They represent your company and are the ones that attract similar people to your culture.

In this article, we will tackle how to encourage your coworkers to share your hiring posts. 

LinkedIn’s Hiring Feature

What is it? 

LinkedIn hiring feature allows you to notify your network directly when hiring. It will enable you to add a hiring frame to your profile picture that pops up when people search for jobs.


The main benefit of this functionality is that it helps you increase awareness related to your job opening. Also, it allows you to search for potential candidates when they have the #OpenToWork badge as well.

Moreover, it helps with your Employer Brand strategy. People trust companies that hire because there is a sign of healthy growth. This signals them that there is a place where they can find psychological and financial safety in these uncertain times.

Who can use it?

This feature is best suited for recruiters and job seekers. 

The Power of Sharing Hiring Posts 

Sharing is a great way to make your job openings more visible within your network, as well as other people’s networks. 


There are also social selling statistics provided by Hootsuite that prove the importance of sharing. 

  • People are 3 times more likely to trust content shared by people, not brands
  • People are 8 times more likely to trust content shared by employees, not companies 
  • People are 24 times more likely to reshare the content shared by employees 

These statistics show why it is important to integrate sharing as part of your strategy for making your vacant roles visible. 

What to Write When Sharing Posts 

Sharing is essential, but what you write in the caption when you share it is as important as the process of sharing. 

Before sharing, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this post?
  2. How can it help your audience?

Once you answer these questions, think about the following principles:

  1. Keep the content short and simple 
  2. Create paragraphs, reduce the big chunks of text
  3. Use emojis 
  4. Use a headline that hooks your audience 

How to Encourage your Coworkers to Share Hiring Posts 

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, your employees are a key resource in helping you increase the visibility of your job openings.

Let’s see how you can encourage them to share the hiring posts.


Help your employees understand the power of common networks. Calculate your company’s and employee’s followers and showcase how these numbers add up. 

You can also demonstrate the benefits that this has for them. This might translate into more leads, visibility, potential opportunities, etc.

Optimized Profile

Help them optimize their profile. Some areas they can look into:

  • Profile photo
  • Title at your company 
  • Bio 
  • Headline 
  • Skills
  • Referral 

Notification settings

One of the tricks you can try is setting up the employee notifications feature on your company’s LinkedIn page. This feature automatically lets you notify your employees about your latest company posts. 

LinkedIn Teammates feature

Another feature you can use to help your employees share the updates is the teammates feature. The Teammates feature allows LinkedIn users to find and add coworkers to their profiles quickly. 

Create a Social Media kit 

Help your employees by creating a Social Media kit for them. This kit can contain:

  • Examples of taglines 
  • Design materials: covers, photos etc 
  • Examples of CTA 
  • Guideline on how to write a post 
  • Specific examples 

Other ways your team can help

Apart from the above, here you have two bonus ideas on how your team can help. 

Add the #Hiring photo frame 

One idea is to encourage them to add the Hiring frame as well. This will help your company reach other networks. If they don’t feel comfortable with it, you can also make it part of your Referral program criteria. 

You can also think about innovative contests inside the company – the person whose profile brings the most candidates wins something. Think about creative ways to make your employees enjoy it and not feel like it is an extra burden they must carry for the company. 

Share ‘’day in a life’’ content 

Employee-generated content is the new hype in the industry. You can encourage your employees to post on their Social Media accounts pictures and videos from the office, from their day-to-day work life.

How do you encourage your employees to share on their network?

Sharing LinkedIn Hiring Posts FAQ 

How do you share that you’re Hiring on LinkedIn?

You can share that you’re hiring by activating the photo frame.

What do you say when sharing a job ad?

When sharing a job ad, you should give details about the role, location, deadline, and benefits.

What is the best way to promote a job posting on LinkedIn?

The best way is to use hashtags and encourage your employees to share with their network.


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