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9 Interviewing Tips For Hiring Managers

9 Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers

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If you are a Hiring Manager, you know how challenging interviews are. Trying to spice things a bit to understand better the candidate in front of you is, most probably, an ongoing job.

We want to share with you some tips and tricks about how to be a good interviewer.

Interviewing Tips

Tip #1 Write everything down

No matter how good your memory is, please don’t count on it during the interview. Write everything you want to ask the candidate before the interview and ensure it has a natural flow.

Tip #2 Ask different types of questions

Make sure different types of questions balance your interview. You can ask open-ended, YES/NO, or hypothetical questions. Make sure you don’t have too many questions in a row that are the same type.

Tip #3 Review your candidate’s resume before the interview

This one might sound simple, but it is the step that most hiring managers skip. Check your candidate’s resume a few minutes before the interview to have all the info fresh in your memory.

What To Avoid During An Interview

Have you ever been to an interview where the recruiter had an inappropriate attitude or way of conducting the interview? We want to avoid this situation and have three interviewing tips for managers that fall into the DON’T DO IT category.

Tip #1 Don’t comment on your candidate’s marital status, gender, religion, etc.

As an interviewer is important to keep things professional. Some topics such as marital status, gender, or religion shouldn’t be on your discussion list.

Tip #2 Don’t be aggressive

There is a difference between keeping things professional and being aggressive. Your role is to make sure your candidate feels comfortable during the interview. Start the discussion with more straightforward questions that make him relax and open up about his experience.

Tip #3 Don’t ask leading questions

The number 1 rule to find the answer you are looking for is not to lead your candidate. Instead of asking questions like: You are probably very good at conflict management, aren’t you? You can ask things like: How do you feel about your conflict management skills? Please give me an example of a conflict and how things unfolded.

Virtual Interviewing Tips

We know that COVID-19 took our life like a storm and had an impact in every sector, interviews included. In this article, we want to share some virtual interviewing tips for hiring managers.

Tip #1 Test, test, and test again

We all love technology, but we know it might be a pain when you need it the most. Take 10-15 minutes before the interview to test the platform that you want to use. You can do a test call. Also, check the light and the quality of the video.

Tip #2 Use a company background picture

To add a pinch of extra professionalism, we recommend you use a customized photo with your company’s logo as a background. This way, the candidate’s attention isn’t distracted by the elements in your room; you also emphasize your brand.

Tip #3 Record the video

One of the advantages of using technology is that you can record the interview and reply to it after. This is a great way to get feedback about yourself and make sure you remember your candidate’s answers. If you record the interview, you can also set a time to evaluate your candidate’s body language. It goes without saying that you should have their explicit consent before recording the interview.

Please share with us in the comments sections some other tips and tricks that you use.

Interviewing Tips FAQ

What is effective interviewing?

Effective interviewing is the process through which the hiring manager conducts an interview that ultimately answers the question if the candidate is suitable for the company or not.

What makes a good interviewer?

A good interviewer has a friendly yet professional attitude, manage to conduct an interview that flows naturally, and asks suitable questions.


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